Older Hen Scale problem

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    Hi everyone heres my dilemma…I acquired an older about 6 or 7 over Thanksgiving she was all by herself because her other buddies where attacked by a dog.

    My question is the scales on her feet where very raised when we first got her so we started apply olive oil and canola oil to kill any mites she may have had. Then after a few weeks I went and did a really good inspection of her little feet and it looks like they are full of nastiness poo and dirt I really don't know exactly what it is.

    I let her feet soak in the sink for a little bit and tried to work out what I could which helped a lot but she still has some gunk in there.
    The scales have smoothed out dramatically compared to before (wish I took pics)

    Is it best to leave it alone?

    She's still going through molt because she was on a sole ration of scratch and popcorn so now that I have her on a good diet her new feathers are coming in beautifully. She was in a weird stage of molt where new feathers had come in but where stalling out because she had no protein in her diet at all! I don't want to handle her all that much which is why I'm hesitant to get her in the tub again.

    Thanks Megan
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    Nov 2, 2013
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    I had the same experience with 2 EE (supposed to be real ameraucanas) I rescued, well purchased to get them out of the condition they were living in. She said they were a year old but has never laid an egg yet. That was a year ago. They had serious scaley leg problems. I put Vaseline on their legs everyday for about 2 months or so. I didn't scrub or anything because it was super inflamed and I know it hurt. When they molted those nasty pushed out scales molted too. I wish I took all the EE'S she had but she charged 7 a piece and I couldn't pay for 12 birds. They were in a box of wood no bigger than 3x3x1. The poor things couldn't even stand up. I won't answer a craigslist ad again. That's how I got my million dollar dog too but that's another sad story.

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