Olive Egger Cockerel - SOLD

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    Apr 29, 2010
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    I have an 8 week old second generation olive egger cockerel - his mother was 1/2 ameraucana (for REAL ameraucana - not EE) and 1/2 FBCM, his father was FBCM. He is blue with gorgeous lacing, fluffy muffs and feathered legs after his pop. He has what looks to be copper hackle feathers coming in.... He should be stunning.

    Not only is he FREE but if someone wants him shipped to them and is willing to walk me through the shipping process for a bird this age, I will actually PAY to ship him to you! All in the name of sending my sweet boy to a good home where he will be loved.

    He was hand-raised and is extremely friendly... actually runs to my legs whenever I go in the chicken yard.

    If someone is interested I can post pictures.

    *****************************He has found a home, thank you*******************************
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