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Jul 28, 2009
I'm really impressed with some of the eggs that some of you guys here have been getting from your Marans x EE crosses. Especially the ones where the roo was a BCM. My question is - what if the cross was the other way around, EE x Marans? Will the eggs be just as nice? I currently have some very dark Cuckoo Marans eggs in the incubator. The hens are kept with an EE roo. One of the eggs have already hatched, and the baby looks just like a purebred cuckoo chick.

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Apr 19, 2009
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I'm almost positive it can work both ways. I think I'd rather use the EE or Ameracauna as the hen though- because then you know that she has the colored egg gene. If you use an EE roo- there isn't really a way to be positive he will pass on the "color"- unless maybe he has offspring that are laying already.

There is an olive egger thread- and I think this question has been covered, but I have no idea what page


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I have had fantastic luck with my barred olive egger project! I just LOVE this color because you can never mix it up with ameraucanas by accident. They don't come in barred, ever. Not all the hens are bearded yet, but that is what I am working one, plus I would like to breed out the feathers on the legs on some of them. I am selling their eggs for $3 each right now if anyone is interested. PM me.



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