Olive Egger Test Eggs! $20 including shipping!


10 Years
Apr 3, 2009
Central Virginia
My easter egger girls have a new Black Copper Marans cockerel - and he is taking his job seriously! These eggs will hatch out first generation olive eggers - all pullets should be pea combed and lay olive eggs.

Chicks should be muffed and bearded, with feathered legs, like the one below.

I have tested fertility, and it is good (8/9 eggs I tested). I've not shipped eggs before, though, so would like to recruit a few testers before I ask full price (will be $20 + $15 shipping). If you're looking for olive eggers at a good price, this could be for you!

I'll include a full dozen eggs for each tester. PM me if interested!
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