* * * Olive Eggers ! ! * * * 8 eggs - 1st $20 takes them!

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  1. Wynette

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    Sep 25, 2007
    Folks - this is a buy-it-now - total is $20, including shipping.

    I'm listing these due to them not being picked up this past Saturday. A previous customer asked for them, but never showed up to pick them up (nor have I heard from her, after a few e-mails...so, I have no choice but to offer them up to someone else). This person is a super sweetheart and it's totally not like her to not show or call or e-mail; however, these eggs cannot sit any longer, which is why the low price.


    PayPal ONLY auction! (MUST be paid for by 10 a.m. Eastern time Tuesday morning.)

    Eggs will ship out Tuesday at noon.

    Sorry for the brief information...but I wanted to get these listed asap! Thanks for looking!!


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