Olive Eggers and SBEL


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8 Years
May 18, 2011
I have 2 solid blue Marans and 1 cuckoo Marans covered by a CCL roo. All the chicks will be barred and could be crested too. The SBEL are covered by the same CCL roo and the pullets are either white leghorn or white leghorn/exchequer crosses. the chicks will be white and black and ALLL will be barred. You will get 6 olive eggers and 6+ of the SBEL.

I ship priority mail for $18 and can quote express too.

SHIPPING Hatching Eggs are a RISK. Once the eggs are shipped they are out of my control. Damage to packages during shipping are the risk of shipped eggs. I take reasonable care for packing your eggs, just like I would want my eggs shipped. (No special packing instructions sorry) I offer no GUARANTEE on your hatch rate. By posting or bidding or buying you understand these terms.

PM me with questions..... thanks!
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