Olive Eggers & Black Copper Marans - 10-12 hatching eggs

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    Mixed dozen - Black Copper Marans and Olive Egger hatching eggs. 10-12 eggs; gals are slowing down, but I still can't bring myself to stop saving hatching eggs!

    On my website, my Marans sell for $70 for 12+, olive eggers sell for $40 for 12+, so this is an "end of the season bargain"!!

    Eggs will ship out Wedenesday, 9/14, depending on how many are laid today.

    This is a PayPal only auction - payment is to be made by 4 p.m. Eastern time tomorrow, 9/13.

    The Marans gals have REALLY lightened up in their egg shell color, but I will include a shell sample of when they were laying at the beginning of their cycle so you will see the potential that the offspring will have for laying dark, russet-red/brown eggs.

    The auction picture is from a customer who hatched his birds last fall; his gals began laying early spring this year, and these were laid about a month after they started to lay.

    Pics of my current boy (ETA: the pic makes it appear that he has white lobes - HE DOES NOT):


    I am UBER pleased with this guy - he has a bit of copper in his breast, which should put a bit more copper in the female's hackles. He's got EXCELLENT color balance, proper eye and shank color, and good size; he could use more shank feathering, as there is a skip on one of his legs in the feathering. He came from a nice, dark egg.

    This picture was taken the first week my gals began laying this year - no flash, taken outdoors in natural light:


    This pic was taken indoors with a flash - the green egg pictured is an EE that I'm using for first gen olive eggers:


    Here's a batch of little Marans fuzz-butts and one mixed breed chick:


    A nice Marans gal:


    Some interesting olive egger eggs:


    These olive egger gals are fathered by a purebred Blue Ameraucana, and the mother was one of my Black Copper Marans gals:

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