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  1. Sorry about posting all these different topics with pictures. I am just learning how to use photobucket and what a hoot it is!!!! [​IMG]
    Figured I would post a picture of 'Oliver' our guinnea fowl before I forget how to post pictures.. [​IMG]
    We aren't sure, but we think 'Oliver' is a female!!!
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    Apr 13, 2008
    shes so pretty! [​IMG]
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    so is she now Olivia? [​IMG] I've heard the old-timers say there's one sure-fire way of telling gender in guineas. If they have a ONE syllable call, it's male; if they call in TWO syllables (pot-RACK, pot-RACK or buck-WHEAT, buck-WHEAT) , then it's female. Hope this helps! It worked with ours; they're all 3 female, and their calls to each other are always 2 syllable calls (except for the alarm call which is a very loud GAK GAK GAK GAK GAK! well, you get the idea... [​IMG]

    oliver/olivia is very pretty! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I've heard the same about the noise.
    Someone else also said something about the slant of the nob on top the head and the waddles. If the slant is more pronounced it leans towards male. And of course the waddles are larger on the males.

    I only have 'Oliver' so no other one to compare to besides pictures of others, but I might just have to fix that and get a few more....For research and education OF COURSE!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My mom always sexed hers by the way they stand. She said the males stand up taller than the females and have a different hump compared to the females.

    I guess the research and education for myself is of the utmost importance and I MUST GET MORE GUINNEA'S FOR EDUCATION!!!!!
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    I thought you could tell by the space between the wings on their back. Don't ask me which is which though.
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    Oliver is BEAUTIFUL!

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