OMG...babies having babies/Ineed to rant

Discussion in 'Family Life - Stories, Pictures & Updates' started by tobin123, Jul 4, 2010.

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  1. tobin123

    tobin123 Songster

    Mar 4, 2009
    Okay so last night DH took us to see some fireworks and his old town.They were awesome we had good seats but something caught my eye more than once actually a lot. It seems to me that the younger ones(14+)are having babies all the time now.When Iwas in highschool(graduated 99)I do recall a couple of girls pregnant 16+,I always wondered WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!It just seems to me that I am always seeing very young girls pregnant everywhere.
    I am sorry but this is my PERSONAL opinion,I can't stand it.WHY and WHAT are they doing??They walk around like it is normal,HELLO not normal.I really wish that parents would try harder on teaching about abstinence.Don't leave it up to the schools,that is where the girls are learning and the boys are learning to.It starts at home.
    I can only imagine how hard it gets when they realize that it isn't cute anymore.But,some know that mommy/daddy are going to step up and take over OR they will get gov.assistance.WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS...........

  2. chubbydog811

    chubbydog811 Songster

    Dec 24, 2008
    New Hampshire
    I totally agree...You aren't alone!
    I'm only 21, but I really hate seeing kids being pregnant...It seems like it's more of an "I'm cool because I'm pregnant" thing...That's what it seems like around here at least. You would think their parents would talk to them early on seeing how the new trends are going...I may be young, but I am very traditional. I understand an "oops!" happens sometimes, but seriously, 14 year olds???
  3. KimberlyJ

    KimberlyJ Songster

    Jun 13, 2010
    The reason no one teaches abstinence any more is because they would need to practice it first. Kinda hard to convince your 14 - 16 year old not to have sex if you're bringing home "friends" that spend the night.
  4. Camelot Farms

    Camelot Farms Chickenista

    This is one of those rants better left un-typed. Some of the folks reading this may be teenage parents or have had pregnant teenage children and this could cause some pretty high emotions.

    Telling people that they arent 'normal' is hurtful and will likely turn ugly.

  5. booker81

    booker81 Redneck Tech Girl

    Apr 18, 2010
    I have friends who have had babies in high school - one just had her 4th child. She's been married to the father since they were 18 (I think they had the first at 16?). She is a fabulous mom, and it was really cool for me because she was pregnant with #3 the same time I was with my first - within a week or so. I got lots of info from her. She's 28-29 now, and yeah, they've been married 10 years, and are still happy....and it's a darn good thing they also love kids LOL! I'm not sure if they are done yet either. They both work as well, care for their kids, and make fabulous parents.

    Abstinence doesn't cover "all the bases". More needs to be taught about sex ed and the need for various forms of birth control. You still will have teens who do get pregnant, because they want to (such as my friend) - and in the grand scheme of things, some of those that do aren't stupid, wrong, or drains on society.

    I grew up on a horse breeding farm, and knew a heck of a lot more about how sex and babies work, cycles, birth control, and peak times for pregnancy. Sex ed class in school was a joke. I knew I did not want kids, and teen hormones are pretty high, but I still knew I would use two forms of BC (which they don't teach), so I didn't get pregnant. I didn't.

    Teens will have sex. It's up to the parents to educate them on how to do it safely, and how to not have an "oops." Unfortunately, I've known a LOT of folks who even as adults don't understand how the whole fertility cycle works, how birth control works, etc. They can't teach what they don't know.
  6. SunChick

    SunChick Songster

    Feb 23, 2007
    Bel Air, Maryland
    As a teacher I have always worred about certain students. It just seems that a lot depends on the example the parents set (and you figure out pretty quick from the kids and their friends what's going on) and how involved/uninvolved they are with their kids life. [​IMG] We see a lot of students confuse unconditional love with sex/lust, if they aren't getting attention from their parents they look for it in other forms and other places. I wish all parents would really be open and upfront about sex. You can't avoid the messages in the media and the movies, its everywhere. You would be surprised what type of questions I get from my 8th graders about sex. Wow I wouldn't even have dared in my middle school years to ask about sex to a teacher [​IMG] a classmate getting pregnant in my school years was like instant ostracization. I teach science so I get some pretty interesting questions and maybe that is what makes me approachable for them, what tends to shock me is that some of these students who ask have a parent that are in the medical profession. Makes you wonder.
  7. SweetPeaBre

    SweetPeaBre Hatching

    Jun 14, 2010
    Im by no means disagreeing with you or agreeing. BUT Im one of those that tries to see both sides. I just wanted to post this. Everyone is going to see what they see and assume what they assume. But try to not judge. Ive worked for EMS for many years, one of the calls that has stuck with me was a 12 year old girl. We transported her because she was brutally raped. After dropping her off, we returned to the same hospital to drop off another patient several hours later and I checked in on her. Long story short we kept in touch. She trusted me. Im not a therapist, but I listen well. And as you can assume, based on the topic of the thread, she became pregnant. And stayed pregnant. Opted not to have an abortion. She adopted the baby out. But for 9 months she had to carry around the constant reminder of what happened to her, and deal with the looks, and the assumptions. Again, Im not lecturing, but you never know a persons story, until you know.
  8. tobin123

    tobin123 Songster

    Mar 4, 2009
    I do understand what you are saying.I did state that this is my opinion only.I had a friend who had her baby in 11th grade,she didn't even know how to drive yet when she first found out and then my brother/sister-in-law did the same in high school.They needed my parents and therefore we lost some time BC they were busy with them,and what is that saying to my sister and I (we were in elem. and middle school??All I saying is Why is it a ""Cool Thing"" and why aren't parents trying to stop this from happening???I do know that you can't control it all but you can teach about saving your self and you can watch who they hang out with and who they date and when they date.It is more for the parents not the school.My opinion again.Why let the school system teach your child about Sex Ed??????
    Growing up I wish my parents taught me and talked to me about saving until marriage.I do believe this would be a better place for our children and for the future children.
    I do not mean to hurt anyone I am just posting my opinion,you are FREE to read or turn the other way.

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  9. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member 11 Years

    We really don't want this emotionally charged thread to become hurtful and go downhill so we're going to bring down the curtain.Thanks for your participation, folks.
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