OMG Can not believe what just happened in the hen house>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Last week I brought home my new pullets there are 73 of them. They are being kept inside away from my old flock (who have shelter also just not in the "hen house") I got a rooster with these hens......They've been getting along great and the "hen house" is huge big enough that they have room to flap and fly and run and get away from each other.......I just went out to do evening chores and lock up for the night and the hens were eating the roosters tail! I mean his tail was gone....not his feathers but his TAIL. and they had plucked his back also. Wasn't a huge amount of blood but some. I reached into the swarm and plucked him up and got him out and I was bringing him in the house to dr him and nurse him back to health and it was obvious he was in shock as he was shivering. When I hit the warmth of the house he stiffened all up and I looked in his eye and knew he was gone. Why would they do this?

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    I'm new and don't know, but just wanted to say I'm sorry that happened and it's awful. [​IMG]
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    So sorry to hear this happend to you. [​IMG]

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    sorry for your loss and seems a bit strange esp the fact he came with them but chickens never suprise me anymore ever since seeing them gang up on a full size Muscovy duck and nearly kill it
  6. How many square feet do you have in the hen house?

    It sounds like they were bored or in too tight an area...that happened to two of mine before we got our coop/run finished. They did not die but one had a large bloody place on her back. The other one has not been able to grow feathers back because they continue to pull the feathers out and I know they are getting plenty of protein. I just order saddles to see if that will help.
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    If your rooster was in the hen house with the new girls it could have been the stress from moving. Also if he has a sore, got pecked, or was bleeding in any way they will pick at it. It is a very sad way to go... I had similar situation where I accidently left the door open to my hospital coop, all my girls got in and pecked the comb and the head of my sick one.. It was so sad and I hated myself for days for forgetting to shut the door. The poor thing went the whole day like that my husband had to cull when he got home.

    I am sorry for your loss, hopefully your girls will calm down.

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    They are on layer mash and oyster shell. I do not feed much scratch or treats....I got to wondering if it's because they are not getting outside? They were used to going in and out and because I haven't wanted them "exchanging air" just to be safe with bringing in new birds etc I haven't let this group out side. I Might have to take the risk and let them out in my yard......They have been here a week and this morning he was crowing and breeding and everything was fine and dandy. He was a gorgeous boy to. I've seen chickens injured much worse and not die and have to be culled so I was shocked that he died the way he did. Some days I wonder why I do this but at the same time I enjoy them so much it would be to weird with out them.
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    The poor guy! I'm sorry that happended. [​IMG]

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    Well, I am so sorry that happened! Chickens can be really barbaric and cruel. Probably nothing more than a few hens getting in a tift with him, and blood was drawn and then a frenzy commenced. And with 1 rooster and that large amount of hens, I'm sure it was mayhem.

    That's alot of hens. The max I've ever had is 21. I would say that maybe, since they were locked in the hen house, and the numbers were so large, the rooster became a target.

    Maybe you need a little more space? Crowded hens can really get viscious. So sorry you've been through this! Just awful![​IMG]

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