OMG - CHECK THIS OUT! Added a short video


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Apr 30, 2007
Pittsboro, NC
Remember the trio of mille fleurs that were shipped to me a few weeks ago? And one of the hens laid an egg while they were in transit? It was in the box when we picked them up at the PO?

I set that egg in the incubator a few days after I set these other eggs (that are failing so miserably) and today is day 20 for it.

She's hatching, making her way out as we speak! YAH!!! How cool is that!

Of course, I'm back at work, and DH is home watching it. NOT FAIR!!
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Well, that gives a whole new meaning to "shipping hatching eggs," now doesn't it??

Very cool. Yes, pics please!
She's out! DH sent a short video!

See all those eggs in there? They're on day 23... sigh. Only one hatched. If you knew the trouble I had with this hatch, you'd know how excited I am!!!!!
Oh wow! Too cool! Did you ask the seller if they realized they sent an almost ready to hatch egg? Too weird and cool!
Oh no, Cindy, these birds were shipped three weeks ago, one of the hens laid an egg while they were in transit, so I said what the hay, and stuck it in the incubator with some other eggs. It's my first mille fleur baby!

Good thing too, since they haven't laid a single egg since...
Oh good! hehe I was confusing you with another post made recently, I think! hehe

ETA: Your animal siggy line up looks familiar! hehe A few differences, but looks like you have a mini farm, too! hehe
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