OMG chicken!! its a good thing youre cute AGAIN!!!


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Can this just be a running title? I seem to have no shortage of stories to go under it.

So my darling little red hen was driving me batty all morning- following me with her nagging horn voice- she wouldn't leave me alone. I locked her out of the house she tried to fly thru the window then proceeded to run all over the yard screaming. We aren't allowed to have chickens and just got in trouble for our rooster- we rehomed him and try to keep everyone else quiet. So I let her in- the other hen came in and took a nap on the livingroom rug while red went MIA but was quiet and out of my hair so I left her where ever she was (I'm sure that speaks well of my parenting skills). Anyways about an hour later I hear her calling from the back of the house. `deep breath'

I follow her sound to my bedroom 'really deep breath trying to remain calm'

I go into my bedroom and she has made the perfect little nest out of my husbands blanket 'OMG!!! You didn't!! Count to ten and breath'

She sees me and pops up to say hi whatd ya bring me? And she left my husband a gift

Surprisingly my husband found it sweet she chose his blanket- like they have a deep connection or something. Kindred spirits.
I can think of much worse things she could have left on the blanket than an egg!

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