OMG!!!!!!!!! Day 19 and i just got my first pip UPDATED PICS


9 Years
Jun 17, 2010
i can not believe it i was just thinking that time was going by to slow and when i went to check on the eggs i had a pip and heard chirping and that was not there 10 mins ago i know what i will be doing all night lol wonder when the rest will pip on day 15 or 16 all chickies were alive in shells so hopefully none quit between then and now i will be glued to the incubator today i will be doing homework by the incubator lol my DH thinks i am crazy
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My question is how long from pip to the actual chick hatching out also i believe i see a second start of a pip the egg had an indent in it but the shell has not cracked yet
Yay!! I have been staring at the incubator for 4 days. I have quickly learned that hatching day actually goes on for about 4 days! We have 17 hatched and one more zipping. maybe the last of them though.

Oh I think it can be 24 hours and maybe longer from pip to zip. Takes a lot of effort and they rest lots. Maybe someone more experienced will have a more exact time for you. But I have had really fast pip to hatch in about 6 hours with some of my bantams. Not sure if that is usual.
It can take a really long time for them to come out. Sometimes 24 hours from pip to zip. Be patient and watch and wait. It will seem like forever, but it really does take them a lot of work and time to get out. Remember from your last hatch, that the time they spend waiting from pip to zip is when they are finishing absorbing the yolk sac and getting ready to survive outside the egg. Hoping you hatch goes great!
it has been almost 6 hrs since first pip it looks to have gotten a little bigger the egg is still moving and wiggling but the rest are not doing anything at all

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