omg dont eat the poop!


7 Years
Jan 17, 2013
so I have a barred rock 5 month old rooster that I caught eating my dogs poop! it made me so sick only he does it and I know I don't want the little poop eater I'm afraid he will show my other chickens his bad habit. is this normal? and have anyone else experienced this? will it make him sick? my dog does try and eat there poop like its a treat! but I'm breaking her from that I just think its so nasty for anything to eat poop!
Actually a lot of animals do this. Most each their own but I agree eww maybe he feels he is lacking something in his diet. What do you feed them. Might help to scoop it up and toss the poop where the chickens won't find it I am trying to break my dog from eating chicken and goose poop so good luck there
I buy cracked corn and laying pellets and mix it together so he gets that and bread bananas tomatoes rice beans and other fruits and stuff anything I eat they also eat lol my chickens get to split leftovers everyday with my dog along with there feed but this little rooster and a black sex link hen I have will eat everything even spinach lettuce and onions they r piggies!
Lol I have one of those piggies. Actually her name is porky. I would recommend just scooping and keep it where they can't get to it. Mind you it isn't hurting them just disgusting to us humans

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