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    Oct 13, 2009
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    OK so my cockatiels had eggs 3 of them, then the female got hurt and wouldn't lay and then the male stopped laying, now right now I have 3 eggs hatching and peeping!!!! (I put them in my incubator with my chicken eggs "just in case they weren't dead") and now they are hatching I am going to have to go out and buy the baby bird food for them. but I have a few questions first. WHat is the best kind to buy for baby cockatiels? When should they start to eat? today or are they like chickens and can go a day before they start to eat? How often do they need to eat I thought I read every 2 hours? I tried putting the peeping egg in the nest box because both the parents are back in the cage now, the father seems interested but not the mother. But i didn't want the egg to get cold so it is back in the incubator now. Any words of wisdom would be great this will be my first time raising cockatiels. I am a vet tech but never dealt with cockatiels, i raise chickens and baby mammals. Help So excited but scared I wanna do it right !!

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