OMG!!! Guess what somebody JUST BROUGHT ME!!!!!!

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    * A chum for Miss Chook!!!! Another yr-1/2 old leghorn hen named PERKY!! WHAT DO I DO?? I mean how do I check her for general health and what about BIO-SEC??? Right now, Perky is in a carrier in the living room and Chook is going outside for her breakfast. They also brought me 25# of food, a different brand than Purina!! Must be good stuff, b/c Perky out-weighs Chook by close to 6 ozs., I think. She's a bright and lively girl, and looks good, but I know I need to be careful with timing and introductions. . . I know I should know all this stuff by now, thanks to all of you-- but at the moment, I am more chicken than the chickens and can't remember a darn thing, except to wash between birds!!!! Advice, please?? I took her out of the carrier (too small) and put her in a big bin with some food/water. . .She seems content for the time being. My DH looked at her and says, "Funny, she makes the same sounds as Miss Chook!" [​IMG]
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    keep the birds seperated for at least 2 weeks. Wash after touching each bird. As for the food I don't think there is a problem. Give it to the new bird and mix it with the original bird's food.

    When I get new birds, I like to give them a good look. I check the combs, wattles, vents, legs, feathers. I feel them to make sure all is well. I check the eyes to see if they are clear and bright. I check in their mouths for sores. I look for anything that would send up an alarm. One bird I checked had one eye that was somewhat cloudy. The seller of it insisted she was well. I refused the bird and found out later that within a week all her birds were yucky eyed.

    After a minimum of two weeks, with no problems, go ahead and introduce them to each other.

    Congrats on the new bird.
  3. d.k

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    * Thanks, scrapmom; I'll do that. She is aptly named, has already tried to climb out of the bin and 'free-range' the living room 3 times. I put a lid on it made of window screen.
  4. d.k

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    * Oh!! Should I worm her, do you think?? She has no sign of worms that I've seen, but I wormed Miss Chook recently and thought I ought to do so with Miss Perky well before she hits the run. . . But, would that be too much stress with the move, new surroundings and confinement?? Should I give her a week, maybe??
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    Jul 27, 2008
    Definitely quarantine.
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    Worm her & powder her for mites even if she looks fine. Check her legs for scaly leg mite (crusty stuff on the legs &/or feet). It wont stress her badly enough to cause any harm. Look in her mouth for cheesy growths. Keep her separated for min 3 weeks & then if all is well...VOILA! Your original hen will be SO happy to have a friend.

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