omg I added more chickens! what was I thinking?!?!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Kjukkjuk, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Kjukkjuk

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    big sigh... I'm a bit stressed. So are the chickens! I added 4 eight week old chicks into an existing flock of 4 fourteen week old chickens and perhaps needless to say it's been crazy out in the run.

    so, I got picked them up monday and put them inside a kennel, in the coop. The existing flock hopped around and looked at them and made some noise but the days went by and they got used to that scenario. I kept them in the kennel in the coop until this morning. I let them all out into the run with me there offering treats and a new improved and cleaned up run (raked out the old straw and put in new along with an area of redwood bark shavings, a new alfalfa hay bale with a flock block on top of that they can jump around on, a bit of melon and a cob of corn and me there talking away at them and feeding them by hand their favorite sugar snap peas out of the pod...

    but omg holy moly! the existing silver lace and easter egger have lost their minds it seems over the new group and from time to time will chase them around like it's the Indy 500. and what a racket! it sounds like they're killing each other. the run is huge so there's plenty of room for them to run. a few pecks here and there and then it subsides and the two groups are on opposite sides of the run.

    so, I'm projecting all sorts of worry and fear and panic from my little human brain onto the dynamics I'm seeing. Worrying a lot about tonight when they all go into the coop? omg... was this a huge mistake? will it just take a few days for them to work out their pecking order? should i get the easter egger and silver lace out of there? just let nature work itself out? i won't be adding again i don't think, not after this... i feel like i screwed it up somehow. maybe this is just normal?

    big sigh, again... I'm sure others have experienced this as well I just haven't read through the posts yet and thought I'd just throw this out there. Helps me wrap my mind around it and de-stress a bit lol.
  2. The Chicken-Boy

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    If you can keep them away from each other until there're the same size. Then put them back together. Then they will work out the pecking order. If you have a yard that they are safe in put the younger chickens out then 1 hour later put the others out.

    Write back please!!!!!
  3. Fernie

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    When I add new chicks or chickens to the flock I put in extra hiding spots in the run and coop. I add extra feeders and waterers so there is less of a chance of the older birds hogging the feed and water. Usually they all settle in a few days.
  4. The Chicken-Boy

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    Great idea!!!!! Why did I not think of that??????????? [​IMG].......................
  5. Fernie

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    If you make it so the smaller ones can get away from the bigger ones it usually settles in a few days. Now I do cage overly aggressive birds for a few days with food and water so that when I let them out they are ready to play nice.
  6. Kjukkjuk

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    the coop is a 6'x6' cube with plenty of space and roosting areas, this is inside of a 30'x10' run which is totally enclosed with lots of room, feeders and waterers, roosting bars, a bale of hay of them to hop on, bunch of treats etc... they can run beneath the coop also as it is about 1 1/2 feet off the ground...

    they seem to have settled down a bit, my worry is tonight when it's time to go back inside the coop.

    thanks for your reply :)
  7. Kjukkjuk

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    yeah, they have 3 feeders and 2 waterers in the run, along with some distraction treats and a new hay bale i put in today with a flock block on top of it for them to hop up to... they have access to the coop as well as underneath it to hide... the two groups have been mainly sticking together today and staying apart.
  8. The Chicken-Boy

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    Good! [​IMG]
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    Are they locked in the coop at night?
    Separate roosts and hiding places in coop might be needed also.
  10. Kjukkjuk

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    yes, the coop is closed at night and initially they were separated by a kennel (for 3 nights) until last night they all went in there like they were best buddies and i heard and saw no squabbles. They seem to be more settled today with still the on and off vocal squawking and chasing around. keep a close eye on them. the coop has many roosting bars and 2 nest boxes they can access. none of them are laying currently (all of them still too young). this morning they all came out, the new group first and the older ones second.

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