Omg I Cant Believe It!!!!!!

The Wolf Queen

10 Years
May 2, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Today has officially been the best day Ive had in a LONG time. I didn't get my vaccination so I caught the hatching bug EXTREMELY bad since early January and haven't been able to set anything because my silkie breeding pen isn't ready yet and my Scovy hens aren't quite old enough to lay yet (I'm gonna spend a few years on just Scovies and Splash and Blue Silkies). Well every evening around 5pm right before I feed my animals I have the habit of crossing the ditch to look at my neighbor's birds. Well I sorta took up being creepy stalker neighbor girl but thankfully they don't mind
anyways for some reason I just find it fascinating to observe their flock. There are quail, assorted hens with a Silkie roo, Peacocks, and Muscovies. Well today one of the neighbors happened to be out collecting eggs and feeding so I said HI. Now almost every time she is out there we talk for a really long time and I getta go in the pens in stuff. So the subject of our conversation turned to if MY hens and ducks were laying, and of course I said the hens are but I'm still waiting on my Scovies so I can hatch some ducklings. Well it turns out that hers just started laying about 2 weeks ago so she gave me 10 eggs :hmm
. So I set them to hatch under my hens and she is now my favorite neighbor
. The dads are a black pied and a blue duclair whitehead pied and the moms are a chocolate whitehead and a blue duclair whitehead pied. Apparently so far only the blue drake has been mounting the girls but you never know. But I'm SO HAPPY right now I haven't quit bouncing for a good 2 hours straight!!! YAY!!!!!!

Oh and how many days should I wait before candling?
How lucky could a person get to have a neighbor who you have so much in common with
I hope you two turn out to have a great friendship! I know how you feel about the eggcitement of the eggs it's amazingly tingling from head to toe. LOL!!
Im not sure since I only incubate eggs with my broodies. All ive heard is that their really hard to incubate in a bator. Sorry i cant help. Maybe someone else can though.
Yes, you do turn Muscovy eggs, any duck eggs. If you don't the yolk/ embryo will get stuck to the inside of the egg.

You'll probably get Blue & Black...not sure about the blue over chocolate though...maybe possibly some blue fawns though? MDC might know better.

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