OMG, I now have a chicken compound in my suburban backyard!


11 Years
Aug 31, 2008
Central Indiana
Okay, so this chicken obsession of mine has gotten out of control and dh is supporting it (although I think its due to his fishing obsession)! Now I have what looks like a "chicken compound" in my suburban backyard. Luckily, my neighbors are very supportive, but I must get control of myself! Here are a few pics:

Starting with the banty coop

Then, the banty coop and original coop

Then the front of the original coop to the right with 2 runs...the 3rd coop has yet to begin construction


I have lost my mind...and I love it!!
Well, I think it looks nice. (fellow addict here)

I'm currently building our 3rd coop. The husband is making me do it so I don't ask him to build another one. He's helping with design and stuff I can't do myself (like putting up the OSB), but the majority of the work has been done by me. (including pouring the concrete) It's going really slow, in 30 years maybe it will be finished.

Here it is so far:
augustmomx2- that is a nice set up you have there. Huge run. It kind of looks like you have a chicken ranch.

Don't feel bad, new2chooks, I am building my third coop as well. It's almost 2 weeks now and I'm still not done. This is it.

Looks like its coming along extremely well
Yeah my dh told me "No more chicken coops, I really mean it this time" Notice, he said nothing about a turkey coop
augustmom........sure, make me look bad now. Although, I'm stuck right now and have to wait for DH to be able to help me with the roof, so I can't do anything til he can help me. I too have plans for a turkey coop. And a meaty tractor.
One thing does lead ot another, doesn't it? More chickens means ...more chicken housing!

I have two tractors, and two coops with attached runs. But what I really need is a nice big, well insulated coop for the winter so I won't have to bring by chickens into our attached garage on freezing nights. So this year for my birthday I'm hiring a contractor to build me a shed with the appropriate ventilation for use as a chicken coop. Hooray!

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