OMG I stumbled across...*PICS*


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11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
a WILD Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit! nest!

I havn't seen a WILD Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit in YEARS,

for those who don't know about this species, they are typically the size of a standard bantam sized small large chicken, and resemble domestic cats., they live on wide open plains, but like to nest on bare cliff faces....but this family had no cliffs, so they chose 8 feet off the ground on the top step of our back stairs!

the females give birth to 1-25 duck egg sized eggs, wich the male spends most of the time incubating, it takes approximately 9 weeks for the eggs to hatch, the wild strain lays a pretty medium blue egg, but seconds of domestic breeding, have resulted in domestic layers of orange, pink, or purple eggs, however natural incubation of domestic Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit, is nearly inpossible, as the males tend to think that any other colored egg blue the wild blue type is a tasty candy, and are devoured, so artificial incubation is often needed.


(letting the egg cool for 7 hours)

the male turns the eggs every 2 hours by gently rolling them with his paw, then settled back over them to warm them.

and can often get very agressive if he sees a threat to the eggs

Only the dominate male is allowed to mate with the females, and incubate the dominate females eggs, Subordinate males often wait their turn to have a chance with the eggs, incubating eggs can often move lesser males up in the ranks, depending upon how long they can keep their place on the nest.

the female returns for the first time after weeks of being gone, then chases the male off the eggs and gently picks them up and moves them to a den near by, where she resumes the care, and waits for them to hatch.

usually 3-5 days after the female resumes the care of the eggs, they hatch!

the Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit foal goes through many changes throughout it's life.

HATCHLING: when they hatch, Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit are fully furred, and eyes are open, they are crawling within hours, by 12 days old, they're able to leave the nest

By 6 weeks old the baby Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit is well on it's feet and can easily keep up with it's mother and the rest of the pack for days non-stop.

Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit foals look pretty much the same until about 3 months old, then they undergo a change

the fur clumps together like feathers, and takes on a barred pattern, this helps the young Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit, who is now on it's own hide from predators umong flocks of chickens while it feeds on bugs and dirt, sadly this disguise does not help it stay safe from foxes,dogs,hawks,weasels,or raccoons.

by 6 months they undergo yet another change, and start to naturally gravitate towards water to support their rapidly growing bodies

the hind feet become webbed to allow swimming, the mouth grows into a bill for eating water plants, and the front limbs retain the wing-like appearance, the fur remains feather-like as well to keep the water off their skin.

By the time the Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit foal is a year old, they look just like the others of thier species, and are now ready to start nests of their own!


thus is the life of the wild Filinus-furryfurryfuzzypuffykittehkit!, it's good to see they are making a come-back!!

UHHH, I'd like tp thank Grizzly, Presley,Graci,Sicily, little Pasta,Con the barred rock pullet, templeton, the mallard mix drake duckling, and the porr pekin egg that I decided to drown in blue fabric dye after we got done dying baby clothes, for putting up with my stupid!
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seriously?, lol he's just a Hienz-57 kitty from my old hienz-57 kitties last litter, his momma is a Main-coon mix, his daddy is who knows what LOL

I'm trying to get the rest of the pics uploaded , but the pooter is being the nonsense
You could have taken those pictures at my house! I have all the same looking cats/chickens!
Funny, but are you sure you didn't kidnap my animals?
How rare a find!! And your documentation!! You really should find out if Nation Geographic would be interested in this!

I wonder if this wild species is permited in my State or would I have to have a permit.

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