OMG - I think I am pregnant! OES is having a baby????


12 Years
Jun 7, 2010
A lot of you know that my beautiful Old English sheepdog passed away very suddenly this summer.
We were both apsolutely devistated that our lovely boy Murphy had died. ( he is the dog in my avatar)
Well I have been avoiding the subject of another big dog - DH is not well and having two disabled kids there isn;t a lot of time. I make lots of excuses as to why it would not be a good idea. Truth is I despirately miss Murph my buddy. My excuse to go for a walk and get my head showered. My friend to talk over everything with and he never moaned or told anyone what I said!

So I was very torn bettween getting one or not. We have been married for nearly 30 yrs and up untill Murph died on July 4th we had only been without an OES for three weeks in the whole of that time. So as you can imagine the house has been pretty much empty without the woolly mammoth about the place. We have a little schnouzer but it's hardly the same thing.

I was talking to DH about the place not being full of fur balls and that we had more freedom to go away without having to find some idiot to look after the big bear! So I had convinced myself that we would never have another. Dh being so ill he could not walk one anyway. Not a full grown puller and I wanted one that was tiny so it would learn to walk beside a wheelchair and not pull. Also one that would not bully the other dog we have. So that was that I put it aside.

Then today I lifted the phone and a man on the other end said can I speak to your DH I am in Cork and its about the OES?
Well I didn't let on I just went and found DH and said there's a fellow who wants to talk to you says hes from Cork?

Half and hour later a sheepish looking DH came in and said - the fellow says they are OES breeders and their girl had pups 10 weeks back. They only have two boys left and do we mind if the tails been docked! ( Murph had a really short Bob tail and a lovely wiggly bum so I held my breath) He says he was letting the boys go in two weeks and if we wanted we could put our name on one and he would send photos. The pup is vaccinated, Irish KK registered, and has all his papers he is also microchipped. They will be in Dublin for a dog show in two weeks so we can go see the mummy when they are there.Cork is a very very long way away.

What do you all think? Am I crazy - I just burst into tears and said OMG I am having a baby!
Am I doing the right thing?????

A baby Murph? - I wonder what we will call him? DH liked Baily?

OES - if I get photos I will post them - I secretly hope one of the babies has an evil blue eye like my Murph?
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Yes they tie you to home and make it harder to just pick up and go, but a dog at home is a blessing! In fact, I don't think you can call it a home if it is fur-ball-less! Congrats on your baby! I think it's wonderful news and can't wait for y'all to have him in your home! (It's never quite real until your fingers sink into that fabulous puppy fur, is it?)
Yes you are right I so miss Murph, his soft ears and the way he would stick his head between my knees when he was afrade or sick or worried. ( I think he thought if he couldn;t see anyone they counldn;t see him either?) He used to feel lovely and soft and warm. I miss that so much. I feel so sad at his loss still and opening my heart to another will mean I will face that loss again in years to come - but also I hope good times before that. I am so scared something will happen and it wont work out?

This morning I was thinking good to have no big fur ball to sort out - I have so much on my plate everyone knows that - I dreed it all beign unfare on a baby. - Do I have enough love and energy for a baby?

BOTH!!!! Okay, if you really only want one... I'm sorry I can't choose. I really looked at them but they are both so cute. I guess personality would have to make my decision. Good luck!!
I am leaning toward pup one because he reminds me of Murph with the toy in his mouth. Murph used to walk round with a reindeer in his mouth all the time and a lyness blanket. He was a real baby.

Ohhhhhhh so hard and I wont be able to see thm at home because they come from Cork which is miles away so I have to trust the breeder. We are asking alot of questions.

I think I will start a poll? If I figure how to do one.

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May I just ask, why did the breeder ring you? I couldn't make out from your post why this guy just seemed to ring you out of no where? Perhaps I missed something?
Oh DH was asking about proper registered breeders and so was I we had put out a lot of posts on a few sites and left our number with a few folk in the business incase someone had a girl in pup.

It is very hard to get an OES now they are on the Kennel club endangered breed reg this year.

Once we get our wee lad home hopefully if he is a good natured little man we will keep him in tact and use him to stud, because they are a rare breed now and he is fully KK registered and microchipped and tagged and vaccinated.

I don;t think there will be an issue as the fellow was up showing in Belfast only three weeks back and is up showing in Dublin in 2 weeks time. Anyhow it can;t be as bad as the "rescue" lucky dip road weve already been on with our other 3 OES dogs. - one was X with a wolfhound and another badly beaten so she was blind and brain damaged and the last one died suddenly from a rare canine heart cancer.

We will get him checked out and also get his papers and vaccine register, and miccrochip before we buy him. I will also insure this chap! If we will use him to stud.

Better away I am excited but worried.

Oooooh so hard I started a poll to ask for help!!!!


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