OMG I think they're coming tomorrow


10 Years
Mar 2, 2009
Can I put them in my breakfast room, or will they just make too much of a mess?
In a dog carrier brooder...
I'm guessing you mean you have chicks coming tomorrow? If you have an clean aquarium you and put non slip drawer liner in the bottom and add a heat lamp, make sure they have 90 F degree heat. Here's mine for referance. Also a rubbermaid box will work too, basically anything to contain them with a heatlamp. I'm new to this, so I may be wrong, but that is what I would do.


Good Luck
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Thanks, I already have everything, a large dog carrier, waterer, feeder etc.
I am just wondering if there will be a lot of dust the first week?
The first week won't be so bad. I keep mine on paper towels for that amount of time, anyway. Just make sure there are no holes in the kennel they can get their little head caught in. I had that happen a few days ago with one of my 4 week olds (I thought they were too big to have that happen). I really thought I was going to break her little neck getting her out. Thankfully she is alright now but it was a HUGE scare!!! Good luck with the new babies and, of course, we want to see lots of pics!!!
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Thank you. I was going to put hardware cloth on the kennel "grate" so they can't get their heads through.

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