OMG! I'm soooooo excited! FIRST EGG!!!! (PICS ADDED)


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Can you tell I am excited! I got my FIRST egg this evening!!! I wasn't expecting it for another 6-8 weeks even!!! I was figuring Oct. would be when our girl would be mature enough but she fooled me!

I've had a plastic box in her coop for a few weeks for her to hang out in or whatever, with a piece of cardboard slanted over it so she could have some privacy if she wanted but I've never seen her in it.
However, this afternoon she had knocked over her water and made a mess so I had to clean up the flooring and everything ... there was no egg then. I cleaned and reset everything, gave her a few mealies and she was a happy camper again. Checked in on her after dinner and noticed the cardboard over her box was flipped over the top of the box and the box has slightly moved away from the coop wall. When I picked the cardboard up to fix it and the box ...SURPRISE! ... THERE WAS THE EGG!!! Of course I just had to call the family over to check it out and got the camera for pictures.
I also had to call my mother and my mother-in-law who have been putting up my craziness with my newest addition ... reluctantly at times ... but none the less.

Thank you for listening to me go one. I'm sure you've all read these stories over and over from others. But I just HAD to share with people I know will understand my excitement.

On a side note, if anyone has Mille Flur De'Uccles ... are they more of a daily layer or like every other day???

Also, now that we'll be getting fresh eggs ... I've read that you should collect them and let them sit a while before using them? How long do you usually let them sit before eatting them?
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Big congratulations on your first egg! What an exciting or is it eggciting event.

I'm always so proud of mine---you'd think I had something to do with it!! Lol.

We had a thread the other day that week-old eggs are easier to peel when boiled---but then some posters said put salt in the water and peeling fresh hard-boiled eggs would be easy. There is no need to my knowledge to wait for egg use. Fresh is best.
I'm so excited for you!!
Why did you think it will be another 6 - 8 weeks? How old is your hen? Sorry i don't know much about Mille Fleur D' Uccles, can't help you with your questions, but I hope someone will. Congrats and hope to see the picture of the new arrival !!
@ Tinychickies - We got her as a fluffy chick on March 31, only a few days old. So she is only 5 months old. I thought they had to be at least 6 months before they would start to lay.
I know a lot depends on the bird but figured it wouldn't be until Oct. before we saw anything. What a great surprise!


* Here's my son with the egg
(at least I'm not the only one excited)


*Here's the egg in an egg tray I bought this summer at a garage sale for JUST this purpose
(it's so small - but fits perfectly in the holder)


* And here is one with Justina, like she's showing us what she did

OMG! OMG! Egg #2 arrived tonight! She must be an evening layer because both eggs so far have come after 6pm
Eggie #2 is a little more rounded then egg #1 was. This time Justina hopped right onto the edge of the laying box and starred at the egg when I went in to get it ... like she was thinking ... "don't take that! that's MINE! I worked all day on that!" LOL But she was more then happy to let me take it once I got her her mealie treat for a job well done.
Well, after NO egg yesterday, Ms Justina decided to give us an egg at 1pm this afternoon.
Maybe she's changing to a more normal pattern? Anyhow, with this egg there was a definite "announcement". Just a few minutes before checking for the egg, Justina had given a little cackle and a kind of crow. After hearing her I figured I should check since she hadn't laid last night. Yup! Sure enough ... a cute little egg had been placed in the box.

So at this point she's 3 for 4 with giving us eggs.
Yes, he is as excited as I am about getting eggs from our girl now
He actually gets mad when I go find and egg and there aren't any when HE checks. LOL It's like a competition almost.

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