OMG my babies are dying

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    May 29, 2016
    My husband and I ate Chinese food out last night. I had the moogoogipan (not sure it's spelled right). When we got home I Fed it to my girls. 2 died yesterday evening and 3 more were dead thistle morning. And my mom ma goose is sick. Can someone tell me what is happening?
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    Salt maybe? I just found...

    and they say 4g of salt per 1kg of bird can be lethal - so per roughly 2.2lbs of bird, @ = .18 tsp = 1g salt, x 4g = .72 tsp -/+ of salt, so just under .25 tbsp per bird, or 1/8 tbsp to 1lb or bird or 1.25 tbsps to kill 5, 2lb birds.

    Quick googled mgggooo... yah. spelling, anyhoo, and googling Chinese cuisine (16oz = 2 cup dish) salt, google gave me an average salt per dish as 574g sodium, or around 6g salt per 2 cups, (1.8tsp) so reasonably, 1 cup per just under 2lb bird would be 3g(.9 tsp), and I don't know how heat and water affects that ratio. My layers are just under 2lb, so if they had 1 cup of take out Chinese, it could very well be lethal. Any salt from other sources would be additional, so other treats during the day could drive up that daily number as well.

    They would have had to have consumed about a cup of leftovers each for this to be the cause - 6 cups of leftovers @ 5.48 tsp salt=1.7tbsp divided by 6 cups = .28 tbsp to 1 cup leftovers, above the 1/4 tbsp lethal salt threshold sound about right? It's probable, but not a 100% or anything. Gray area.

    Sorry to hear about your losses, I just learned a lot about salt toxicity, you saved me a potentially devastating error, because I might have done the exact same thing. Imagine what salt does to us then, if 5g salt per 2lbs of body weight could be lethal! Death by takeout. 150 cups, or 75, 16 oz servings aka 25 tbsps of salt could kill a human.... maybe? Just double checked... another site says 45 tsp or 14.9 tbsp. I'd have to do the math a couple more times. UGH! Makes me sick to just think about it!

    Not 100% positive or anything, I would wait and see what others had to say, that would be some SERIOUSLY salty food, again give or take for MSG(.33 g salt to 1g MSG) in the actual leftovers total for them all to get that much, but I don't know if a hot day and water consumed might lower or raise that threshold.

    If this is what the food did to your flock, you have to be feeling pretty yucky yourself. Might be time to find someplace else to eat out. If it does this to chickens, imagine what it's doing to you!
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