OMG Serious Separation Anxiety!

Chicky Joy

11 Years
Jun 22, 2008
My hubby and I are leaving in a week for our first trip since we got our chickens. We've arranged for someone to come by twice a day to check on all the animals and feed and water them...especially the chickens.

I just gave my BIL his first chicken care lesson last night. He's good with animals. He's taken care of our cats and dogs many times. Since we've added one rabbit, eight adult hens, and six chicks (seven weeks old when we'll be gone), we've more than trippled our number of animals.

Anyway, I'm feeling like a mother that is leaving her baby for the first time. I'm freaking out.

Any advice?
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Probably right.

I was almost in the right mindset but then we had coons start showing up two weeks ago. Now I'm having to work hard to get back to a calm state of mind. OH BOY.
If you trust the person caring for them and have given a "chicken care 101" class to can only take a deep breath and enjoy your trip.

i understand how you feel...really. I have not left mine for more than 10 hours yet. LOL
Yup, the right person makes the difference. We're going to have two different people (one for mornings one for evenings).

I think my brother-in-law likes the chickens. He was smiling when we were watching them in the coop last night. If you knew him you'd know that a smile is a good indication. He's a quiet guy. He didn't mind when they flew at him to get a treat, or when they were yanking on his shoe laces.

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