OMG the Dust !!!!!!!!!!


8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Ive had chicks before and Ive Never had this much dust, its crazy. I am convinced silkies are more dusty than other chickens to, I have silkie babies and they are still inside and the more feathers they get the more dusty in becomes.....their house is not ready yet UGH
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I am in the same exact boat. I have polish top hats and I can't believe the dust in the room. They have another week before they can go out and I can't wait.
What kind of a brooder setup do you have?

We have our comets and duckling in a dog crate with cardboard up on the sides to keep the shavings and dust more contained. I also try to keep a garbage bag or old sheet underneath to catch the spills when they do happen.

A picture would be helpful
Now they are in a large round pen, like a dogs cage and I have a big tarp underneath to collect shavings which is working out great But the film of dust on everything is Insane, I was looking around the room today and couldnt believe how much there is, they are in my shop area inside so not right in my living space but Im in there all the time and it needs a major cleaning !
That is Exactly what I was finding today, Maybe worse! These little suckers have to go out Soon!

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