OMG...The Rouen Drake KILLED 1 Of The Babies

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by 1234duck, Jul 29, 2011.

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    This evening I noticed that one of the Golden Cascades Babies was missing. This was weird b/c shes always yelling at them babies if they aren't by her side. I heard her freaking out earlier and when i looked, Lucky Ducky(hes close to 5 months old) was by the mom so i thought he was being men to her. Well her babies weren't next to her so then she got them and was back on the front yard & i figured she was just looking for them, got separated from them for a few seconds then things were fine till later when i noticed a baby missing. I found a lifeless baby up against the side of the house(in the Rouen drakes pen) with little splatter marks on the wall. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] OMG.. I was so upset. That totally sucks that the baby got in his pen i can't believe he killed the baby. ~Julie~ [​IMG]
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    Ohhh that's so sad. It was actually in the pen with the drake? Can you put up hardware cloth or something else so the babies can't fit through there?
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    My Mallard drake killed 2 little chicks that were under y broody hen. One had already hatched, and just went missing (I'm afraid to check the pond) and I went out there 2 nights ago to discover one chick partially hatched, but squished, with my drake over top of it. The hen has been separated with the rest of the eggs, and they will probably not go back in there until they are around 6 weeks old.
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    My old Pekin drake killed one of his own offspring; the hen and duckling were separated from the drake by chicken wire, but he still managed to grab the baby through the wire and kill it, it was horrible and heart breaking. Now when ever a hen hatches out any lil babies I put them in there own separate house far away from any males.
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    Yes It was horrible I couldn't believe it. I cried, just wanted to pluck that dam duck. ~WHY DO THE DRAKES KILL THE BABIES? ~WILL ALL DRAKES EVENTUALLY DO HARM IF LEFT ALONE WITH DUCKLINGS? My Lucky Ducky, (5 mo. old drake) had been acting a little mean towards the hen w/the babies so at night I started separating them. ~Julie~
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    Quote:When my hens have ducklings I keep the drakes away till they are at least 3 to 4 weeks old. I am not sure of the main reason why drakes kill ducklings, but when my duck hatched her ducklings some years ago, she was the drakes favorite and I felt he didn't want her to spend any time with the ducklings. she was to be with him. So I had to separate them for their safety. Don't know if all drakes are like this or not, may just depend on the drake and breed also. That being said why do duck hens kill their ducklings? I had that happen too. [​IMG] sorry for your loss it's heart breaking.
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    Sorry to hear about that duckling. Everything seemed to be going really well, too.

    I don't know why drakes do that, either. In the wild, I rarely see them brutally attacking ducklings, mostly a nip or chase if the ducklings get too bold and aggressive. More to put them in their place and remind them who's boss, not a full out thrashing. But, I think it depends on the drake. Plus, in the wild, mom usually has more room to maneuver around and more places for the ducklings to hide. Usually, the drakes harass the mom and totally ignore the ducklings.
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    Awe, I am so sorry to hear about your little duckling. It is so sad to lose one especailly to your drake. [​IMG]

    I had the same fear for my ducklings that is why I seperated my mother duck and her babies from them. But they get in the pen and the drakes dont bother them. Acctually my broody khaki campbell was out and pecked at the baby and the drake pecked her and herded the little duckling away from her. Lol! I guess I am very lucky! I think another thing is is my 2 drakes have 4 other females to stay busy with. Lol! So they dont really mind the babies.

    I hope you dont ever have to go through this again. I know how you feel. Right now I have a broody Barred Rock and her chicks are hatching. Noone has bugged her until now. I have one white leghorn who has gotten in her nest and pecked open an egg and killed the baby, she has done this twice now. [​IMG] I had to seperate my broody from everyone. [​IMG]
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    Jul 5, 2011
    Sometimes the drakes will kill the offspring so he can breed the female again.
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    I had a duck sitting on the nest and we found 2 eggs pulled out and hole made in them, could see the little ducklings inside [​IMG] I figure he was mad that she was on the nest and not giving him attention. We put up a barrier and last night two hatched but we found one mushed into the bedding. I can only guess that the mother stepped on it.

    I was very surprised because he's normally vey mild mannered.

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