OMG! They are alive!!


10 Years
Jun 24, 2009
Sunny Seminole County, FL
Wow! I am so excited!
I set my first eggs (Ameraucanas shipped to me from a BYC'er) on Saturday night. I was trying to wait til day 7 but I just couldn't resist candling them tonight and 12 of 15 show signs of fertility & most of them have visible BEATING hearts. So cool! Geez, I hope they make it

Wish I could get a good pic to post. Any tips on shooting a candled egg?
WTG!!! I set a bunch of eggs Saturday as well. Been working like a dog, so no time to candle but hoping to get a peek at them Friday or Saturday. Most of mine are also from a BYC member and had to travel as well. (24 from BYC member, 6 from a neighbor and 11 of my own.) It will be fun to compare notes!!! Congrats and my fingers are crossed too!!!

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