OMG...You are not going to belive this!!!!


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My third child, a daughter, graduated in May with bachelor degrees in Physiology and Nutrition. She went back to school last month to work on masters degrees in the same subjects. She is planning on a carrier working with people with eating disorders. I was in Walmart doing my grocery shopping when I got a call from her. She was laughing so hard I was having a hard time understanding what she was saying. She said they were working on a class project when the professor stopped the class to remind them that eggs were not a dairy product. What????

She said she couldn't help herself...she burst out laughing. The professor asked her what was so funny and she asked him why he he felt the need to tell them that? He said it was a common mistake made on papers in the past!!!! WHAT??????

She asked him how can that be...nobody could possibly think that there are cows that laid eggs!!!! He laughed and said that people don't think it through...they just know that eggs come from a farm and they are on the dairy isle so they must be in the dairy group.

Now I'm pretty sure I've heard everything!!!!! He asked her if she was raised on a farm and she said yes, he said that the only time he ever gets any kind of reaction out of anyone other than an "oh--ok"...was when one of the students is raised on a farm. Now is that sad or what???


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VERY SAD!!!! And very funny I can't believe people think that! I've heard of people not knowing what eggs truly are (where baby chickens come from!) but never that! Here in Iowa people know exactly what eggs are but I guess that's not the same everywhere else!! hahaha

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Oh geez.

I was talking last fall about my hen hatching babies to a group of ladies and one of them asked me how I knew my hen was pregnant. It was all I could do not to burst out laughing.


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We were talking about cows at work one day, just silly talk. I told them that light cows give regular milk and dark cows give chocolate milk. I felt really bad when I realized some of them believed me.

Growing up on a farm, raising gardens, crops, and especially animals give some basic lessons that apparently are never taught elsewhere. Thanks for posting.


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Quote:I'll have to admit this was a stumpper for me...if you go to school they teach you in the third grade what a mammal is and why they are called mammals....the whole milk thing. And other than the duck-billed platypus, mammals don't lay eggs... It really amazes me how people can just walk around through their lives with their heads stuck so far up their butts.

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That is really funny.

I suspect that most people know that eggs come from chickens. The confusion must be about what "dairy" means. On the other hand, some people are pretty clueless.


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My husband's children grew up never eating any kind of meat except boneless. They're mother didn't cook at all. They all have a complete aversion to eating meat with bones and won't even it good, old fashioned fried chicken. At Thanksgiving, I have to debone the turkey in the kitchen and platter it up or nobody would ever eat it.
They are completely disconnected from where their food comes from. I wouldn't be surprised if they had no clue where meat and eggs came from, much less the definition of " dairy" products.
My oldest step- daughter is on a food assistance plan. She brought over a bunch of food that they wouldn't eat in their weekly box the other day. Filleted fish, whole chicken, frozen green beans, cauliflower and brussel sprouts, dried beans.
If it's not canned or a frozen dinner, or something processed that you pop in the oven, they're not eating it. I think they eat about one serving of fruits and vegetables a week, if you count the slices of tomatoes, ketchup and pickles on their Mcdonald's hamburgers.

This came from their mother's side of the family, my husband loves to eat right. However, he was totally disconnected with where his food came from, too, until he hung around me for awhile.
City people!


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That was too funny.

My DH's co-worker agreed to take our rehomed roosters whenever we are certain they aren't hens (White Leghorns so I'm waiting until egg laying time). And the guy was joking with my DH by pretending he was going to eat the roos after he got them. Then he informed my DH he was only joking and with complete sincerity he asked my DH if "roosters taste like chicken"!

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