Omlet brand chicken fencing - a review


Feb 26, 2015
East Tennessee

Recently I invested in the 39 meter length of Omlet chicken fencing. ( You can find it by Googling “Omlet fence.”) This is an easy to install, movable fence for use with chickens.

My husband and I found it trickier to put the poles together than we expected but once we did, we found them very sturdy and well designed. Because I had read reviews on the Omlet website stating that the fencing didn’t come with enough poles, I ordered the extra pack of 5 poles and I’m glad I did. This length of fence definitely needed 5 more poles to stay in place. The poles have double spikes at the end for ease of putting them in the ground and for stability of holding the fence in place. Then you use metal pegs along the bottom to keep the fence attached to the ground so that chickens can’t worm their way under it and get out. The fence needed more of these pegs so I bought a $10 package of titanium tent pegs and this did the trick of supplementing the Omlet-provided pegs nicely.

The plastic fence, similar to high grade aviary netting or a deer fence, attaches to the poles nicely and easily. The kit includes a gate that is very easy to open and close. I’ve encircled my coop and run (a chicken tractor) with the fence to give my chickens the ability to enjoy grazing on grass and bugs. You could also use the fence to encircle gardens or plants or other areas of your yard or pasture where you want chickens to stay out.

Now that the fence is installed, it will be quite easy to roll it up and move it every few weeks when I move my large chicken tractor to fresh grass. The fence is made of green plastic so it blends in with the grass and trees so it’s not intrusive looking, but when you do see it, it looks very attractive, unlike other movable fence options I looked into. The built in gate is a huge convenience factor because if you used, say, plastic fencing you got from Lowe’s and somehow attached it to poles to create a fenced area, you wouldn’t have a nice gate for getting in and out of that area. With the Omlet fence, you do have that.

My chickens don’t show any interest in trying to fly over the 48 inch tall fence but I clipped one wing on all 6 of them just to insure that they couldn’t somehow fly over.

I am extremely happy with the Omlet fencing. It provides some free ranging benefits with more protection. For example, my chickens can graze on fresh grass while still being able to quickly duck back into their covered run if a hawk or owl starts circling around. And while the Omlet fence is really just designed to keep your chickens in, not to keep predators out, it would buy your chickens a little time if a mammal predator approached the fenced area/coop and run. Having said that, I always put my chickens into their locked coop and run at dusk each night and whenever we’re not home.

If you’re looking for a fencing solution for your flock I’d definitely recommend checking the Omlet fencing.


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Nov 27, 2012
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My Coop
My Coop
Now that the fence is installed, it will be quite easy to roll it up and move it every few weeks when I move my large chicken tractor to fresh grass.
Nice write up!
Please come back here and let us know how moving it went....
...and how it held up over the long(er) term.


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Mar 25, 2016
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This is great! I ordered the 138 ft fence and snagged an extra 5 pack of poles - hopefully it'll be enough. It seems that this version of the fence is pretty new so I didn't find much as far as reviews, so this really helps.
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