On Air On Sea On land Or In The Trees - a Alicorn Unicorn pegusus and Sea Unicorn RP

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    Hi. Welcome to my new RP i hope you like. One thing try to keep the names magicel like star brust or sky runner any way hope you like it. Oh yeah by the way PM me you form.


    The Unicorns, Alicorns, Pegasus, and Sea Unicorns have lived in peace for thousands of years. But a dark spirited horse has come, and he wants power, more power then his old herd could give him. Will he take over? Will he rule the skies and the earth? Help ensure that all are kept safe, join the battle.
    (LittleLady98 wrote the plot if it wasn't for her i wouldn't have a plot thanks little)

    what the pegasus alicorn sea unicorn and uni corn look like:
    sea unicorn:

    Colors The sea unicorns are mostly blue or green but for the unicorns they can be palamino bay gray or white the palamino unicorns have gold horns the gray unicorns have silver horns the bay unicorn have bronze horns and the white ones have gold horns too. Its the same thing with the alicorns but there wings are the same color as they are. The pegasus have wings the same color as they are.

    the forms:

    unicorn form:

    unicorn name:
    unicorn color:
    unicorn eye color:
    unicorn horn color:
    about the unicorn:
    unicorn picture:
    BYC user:

    alicorn form:

    alicorn name:
    alicorn color:
    alicorn eye color:
    Alicorn horn color:
    about the alicorn:
    alicorn picture:
    BYC user:

    pegasus form:
    will be worked on later.

    Sea unicorn form:
    will be worked on later.
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  2. Would you like some help setting it up?
  3. i could help but i couldnt help with a plot :D
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  5. Alright, I just want to be the first to join...so reserve a good spot for me, please! [​IMG]

  6. hey! me too! (i wanna be the underwater unicorn :p)
  7. I wanna be an Alicorn, lol!!

    [​IMG] <Me like...
  8. Baby unicorn!!! [​IMG] I know that it's an edited pic of a dog, but it's sooo cuuute!!!!

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