? on blu-kote

It won't heal the bare spot. That would require new feather growth. What blue kote does is hide the blood, so the other birds don't continue pecking, and help prevent infection. Only time will heal the wounds.
Thank you! I'm pretty much using it to prevent infection. She is by herself in her own private tote. The other two buff are in a separate tote together because the one got bullied by the other chickens in the big coop.

Next time i put themback in the big coop i'm goign to have dear hubby build some kind of partition with chicken net so they can get used to each other. Her injuries were more than just the pecking order.

Lesson learned the hard way. I'm just hoping she comes out of this ok.
I dont want to steal your thread. But I have a question about it too. I saw pictures of people having accidents with blu-kote. What I mean by accidents, they get it on them selves.. I saw that it is purple..

So my question is.. Is Blu-kote the same stuff as the purple stuff you use on kids when they have thrush in their mouths.. If it is.. Then I have some..

Sorry to the original poster.. Didnt mean to steal your thread.. I figured since the title said ? on Blu-kote.. I figured it would be a great place to put my question..
I don't know your answer but I'm the original poster and it is no problem, you aren't stealing my thread. I think there is something similar to blu-kote called gentian violet. I can't remember the last part of the name, but I couldn't find it anywhere. THe only thing I found was Blu-kote at etiher country max or tractor supply central.

I don't think that it will hurt you when you get it on you, it just stains your skin I sprayed some on a cotton ball before I applied it to my injured hen so i wouldn't get it in her eyes cause her spot is on the back of her neck. I got a little on me and i just turned a little blue. it'll eventually wash off.
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I got it all over myself when I was spraying it on my first chicky injury. I called the company and they said it wouldn't poison me or anything, to get it off use isopropyl alcohol or bleach. I worked on the chick, not being pecked....well, giving away the bully helped too!!!

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