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11 Years
Mar 30, 2008
Fairfield, ME
I understand that the chicks need this for the first 6 weeks (according to the grain chart I picked up at the store) - now I am getting only 3 chicks how much will they consume in that time period? I have friends getting about the same number of chicks, should we share a bag to save on money and waste???

Thanks for your opinion.

since you an a friend are getting chicks togather.id buy the 25lb sack of chick starter an splitt it.the most yall will need till week 12 or 14 is 1 or 2 25lb sacks.then when you put them on layer feed buy the 25lb layer pellets.if they have 1 that small.if not the 50lbs of layer should last you 30 or 45 days.
I would recommend sharing the bag. You want to ensure you have fresh feed (used up within 2 weeks) at all times. This is regardless of how much they can eat or how long you decide to keep them on it. I do agree you can give them the chick feed until point of lay, however only use the medicated for the first 6-8 weeks and then change to nonmedicated for the remainder of the time.

You can do this, I'm sure it makes no difference if the chicks are outside.

My starter says complete to 18 weeks, medicated. I've seen others that say different.

Once the chicks go outside they start to build natural immunity anyway, from contact with the soil, wild birds, etc.

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