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  1. Hi all

    Ive just signed upto BYC as am really getting into my chick's, its a new hobby I started last year by hatching eggs that I bought and incubated them and now my girls are laying. One hen, Saphina seems to lay more and she started first, now she is broody and has been sat on one egg for 15days now. Ive noticed that her sister Ahamina sits in the nxt nest box as tho she's on guard and protecting her sister. Ive checked and she isn't sat on any eggs. Is this something they tend todo?

    Any infor would be much appreciated. thanks!

  2. ChicKat

    ChicKat Crowing Premium Member

    WELCOME to the forum.

    I hope that lots of answers come in for your question. I have heard that sometimes hens will cooperate and share hatching duties---which would see really smart for the hens and nice for the eggs to have extra coverage so one hen will be there while the other one leaves to eat etc.

    good luck with your hatch.
  3. theoldchick

    theoldchick The Chicken Whisperer Premium Member

    May 11, 2010
  4. Thank you for your welcoming!

    Glad its a normalish thing, let you know if I get a hatch in 6days.....It'll be the first natural one and I pray its a hen!! [​IMG]
  5. ChicKat

    ChicKat Crowing Premium Member

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get a hen........Good luck. Go out and talk to the egg---say ''.....be a hen, be a hen" Lol.
  6. Haha I tried it so still waiting to see its the 20th day today. Heeeeeee getting eggcited ha!
  7. ChicKat

    ChicKat Crowing Premium Member

    I'm excited for you. Hopefully everything goes well and within a day or two you have a hatched chick. Post a picture.... And then will you have to wait until eggs or crows to know if it is a hen or not? Good Luck!

  8. Thanks for your posts, unfortunately it got to the 23rd day and no pipping so I decided to candle it and they was an air sac present but alot of space to say how old the egg was. I took the egg away as summit wasn't right. I cracked the egg and it was fertile but looks as tho it'd died at 7days. It was our first sitting but it was just after Xmas and very cold, not normally the ideal time so will wait till Spring and see if she'll have another go.....if not Ive an incubator at the ready!!!!

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