Once they figured whos was whos


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Sep 6, 2009
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Two of my hens went broody at the same time but hatched a week apart the peeps are 3 weeks old give or take a few days. It seems that two weeks cooped up with peeps is the limit and then mom or peeps find ways to liberate themselves. It was too much trouble to keep track so I opened the gate on the nursery pens and let mom and peeps out a week apart. At first one hen was all confused that the other hens peep was hers... she figured it out.

They seem to be the best of buds. Almost like sharing play day at the park together. Yesterday the hen with the oldest peeps moved in with the other hen so I got the hint and moved her apartment into the pen, the door is open 24/7 and sure enough they bedded down and this morning are roaming the barn with peeps in tow expanding their territory. Letting the hens have their way and raise the peeps has not been too hard. They mingle with the main flock for about a half hour in the mornings and then go about their business

One hen from the main flock even "used" the broody hens apartment yesterday to sneak in and lay an egg!


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Nice story, glad things are going well.

from Renton


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