One babe not growing as fast, sparse feathers

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    May 26, 2016
    Hi all,

    My bantee babies are two weeks old. One isn't growing as fast as her sisters and her feathers are not filling in as well. She does get picked on a little. I tried to isolate her, but she immediately started hollering and flew back into the other box with her gal pals. I just put all three into a much bigger box. She eats and drinks and seems otherwise normal, maybe a smidge sleepier than the other two. I keep the heat lamp on when they need it and keep their food and water fresh. She's the beige one- how does she look? Should I be worried?

    Another question, is it too early to start giving them garden scraps? Just the little beet greens I've thinned out.

    (This is my first time raising chicks by myself. I used to "help" my dad, but now I see how much work he really did! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! By my dad also so I won't call him as much [​IMG])
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    I would just keep an eye on her, some breeds feather out slower then others. Regarding scraps, if you cut the greens up small I think you should be able to give it to them.
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