One baby chick with what appears to be an impacted crop that won't go away


Aug 28, 2019
So I recently got two baby chicks. They're about a week old. Two days ago I noticed a lump leaning off to the side of her neck. I did some research and figured out it was most likely an impacted crop. I fed her some oil and water while massaging it. In the morning it was gone. Then later that day, after having moved her inside, she ate alittle bit and I noticed it was larger than before and she was peeping really loud and she wouldn't walk?? I have no idea what could have caused it since I observed her food and all she ate was starter. I am considering having my boyfriend bring her to an emergency animal clinic but I'm not sure if that's necessary yet? I also observed that her wings lay much closer together than that of the other chick. And that didn't start until the first impacted crop. I'll also have to wait till Saturday in order to bring her when my boyfriend is able to take her, and I'm not sure what to do in the meantime or if it's okay to wait? Please give advice.
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