One baby duck out of eight


11 Years
Feb 9, 2008
Hi we had a bad storm about 3 weeks ago, and lost power for over 48 hrs...:mad:
Once it was restored, I got the bator going, just on the chance, and we end up with one baby live and kicking

Skittles is a week old now, doing well on lettuce, cottage cheese, grapes etc.. My food coop only sells starter in 50 lb bags.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking that I'll end up tossing most of the bag before this one lone duck can eat it all. I do have some Exact which is a hand feeding formula for all baby birds. Is this something he can have to help with the nutrients?

Thanks for your help.
Congrats on your duckling!
I would recommend cutting out the treats. At this stage in a duckling's development, it is important he eat the starter feed. Is it non medicated?
Non medicated turkey or gambird starter is best at 28% protein. THis will give him all the nutrients he needs.
Lack of nutrients can lead to crippling bone deformities.
I have a few rescue ducks with what we call metabolic bone disease. Their feet are stiff at the ankles and are unable to walk well.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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