One baby sick, the other baby won't eat

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    This is the 4th night in a row that I have gotten 3 hrs or less sleep. Too tired to make rational thoughts anymore. So everyone got sick with a tummy flu like thing and got over it pretty quick. The 8 year old is still coughing at night and can't stop. The 2 year old seems fine during the day. At night he complains about it head. Tonight he started complaining about his ears. The 9 month old has decided she is not going to eat anymore. She screams at me if I try to feed her baby food, she won't touch cereal or formula. She drinks milk out of a tiny baby bottle or her sippy. She'll drink water or milk. Don't even consider apple juice. She will eat her cookies or tiny pieces of soft bread she can chew and thats it.

    I don't know if we should head to the pediatrician so they can tell me I am over reacting and they will get over everything on their own or just treat everything myself. The hubby is already off to the store for the earache drops. I have cherry bark syrup or honey syrup for the cough. No clue what I am going to do with my not eating gal. I think its teething but it doesn't feel like she is getting enough. Just 9 oz of formula the last 24. Other than that its be a bit of gatoraid and a ton of milk and some teething cookies. ahhh
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    I usually give my kiddos some hylands vitC tablets when they were younger.Now it is gummis with c and echinacea. I go by behavior and the 3 day rule.No improvement in 3 days time and it is off to the doc for something I can not give. I never did get one,but always said a ear scope can be helpful.

    Ped might not be of any help other than to tell you it will run its course,but sometimes that alone keeps you going.Getting the ears looked at is one of the reasons I took them other than getting anti-bios.Knock on wood my kids have never had ear infections.

    Speedy healings.

    If you go to and to the kids section you can find some useful info.I always liked the pages by Janet Zand from her book Smart medicine for a healthier child.Gives conventional and alternative treatments.

    Almost forgot to recommend some LIFEWAY kefir.Any brand is ok,but I always got the lifeway.10 bacteria in the culture.I would dose my ds like it were medicine.My dd drank the stuff,so no problem with her.It helps gets the gut flora in order after illness.
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    sitting your 8 year old in a steamy bathroom can break a cough, and allow you both some sleep. I sit my son in there until he has stopped coughing, and usually he will sleep a lot better. I hope everyone is better soon. [​IMG]
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    It's rough having sick kiddos, especially when you're getting no sleep [​IMG] As far as the baby eating, I wouldn't worry too much. The teething could do it, and I'll bet she'll pick back up when the new teeth have broken through. On the other hand, some kids want to fill up on milk and not eat anything. You might try cutting back on her milk and seeing if she'll eat better.

    You're their mommy, if you feel something is wrong, then something probably is. Go to the doc if you need to- even if it is for a bit of reassurance.
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    Coughing (especially non-stop) is a symptom of asthma. Illness can be a trigger.

    Sounds like the 2 year old may have an ear infection, the 9 month old may as well.

    Time to call the doctor.

    Give the 9 month old food she can feed herself: peas, blueberries, tiny pieces of banana, avocado or stewed apple (assuming she is already eating these--never introduce more than one new food in a short time span). Put a few on her high chair tray and let her investigate.
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    On the side of caution I would take all three in to be checked.
    I just got over one of the nastiest head infections I've had in a very very long time. I was on 2000mg of antibiotics and I have never had to take something so strong. My entire sinus cavity was infected and my ears. Ended up with a cough that could wake the dead for a week due to it not fun.
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    So I am the result of a Hungarian mother and Mexican home remedies are running through my blood. My son got really sick when he was a baby puking galore stomach bug...couldn't keep anything down call the army hospital they said don't bring him unless this continues for 2 more days....[​IMG].

    So by this point I was beyond myself and called my dad and in comes the mexican home remedy you take white rice boil it with extra water so its like watery add a little pinch of cinnimon and a tiny bit of milk or formula and a tad of some sugar blend it down thing and give it too the baby its not heavy and the rice provideds some nutrients until they feel better. Mine LOVED it...

    Oh and for the sick kiddos go to the grocery store they are called Mighty minis there are popcicles that gave gelatin in them to help them prevent melting so fast...greatest thing ever! MY 1 year old decided to cut 8 teeth at once saved my life. they come with the regular popcicles
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    The one kiddo being fine while upright, but miserable while laying down points to an ear or sinus infection. The nine month old may be sick or may be teething, and I think the asthmamight be a right call for the older child...or it could be a persistent cough. Take them to the pediatrician.
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    Coughing all night could be pneumonia or pertussis, too. Sometimes pneumonia starts off with vomiting. I think your 8 year old needs to be seen by the doc.

    The two year old and the baby, I dunno. Headache could be teething, too. Two year molars can be very painful. I would make my decision based on demeanor.
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    Dont let her get into the habit of just drinking milk. When I was small thats all I did. I would fill up on milk and not be hungry for food. I went ito the 5th grade and weighed 54 lbs. Granted Im not very tall but that was too small the doctor told my mom that if she didnt take the milk away from me I would die. Was anemic and such. So after a year of little milk and other calorie boosting tricks I put on weight. Now at that time you only went to the doctor if you were about dead or to go to school. I am 51. Try pedisure and a multivitamin. 2 of my girls went on food jags where they would only eat certian foods. Our doc said let them eat what they want offer other things and give them vitamins. After about a year they got less picky. A few days of not eating wont hurt but dont let it go long term. She could have a sore throat and an earache will hurt to chew. Remember your gut knows best if you feel they need to go to the doctor go. If you feel this will pass hang on a few more days to see. Trust your intuition.

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