one bird resistant to chicken nipples!

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    Mar 6, 2012
    I have 6 girls that are 7-9 weeks old now outside in a coop with a run. Two weeks ago I put a bucket with 3 of those chicken water nipples in the coop and took out their old bowl. I showed them all how to drink from it and I think they do, except for one. Basically I still have a bowl out in the run and every morning when I open the door, one runs to the bowl and drinks for a very long time. Sometimes a couple others also drink right away, but less than a half dozen times. So, I'm worried about this one girl - I'd like to also use nipples on a bucket outside and take away the bowl altogher, but I'm afraid she'll get dehyrdated. So, I have two questions: Are there some chickens that just won't drink from the nipples? How do I tell when a chicken gets dangerously dehrdrated? Thanks.

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    I personally, have never seen any chickens drink from nipples. I have always seen the 5 gallon white and red waterers that you get from TSC. Maybe you should consider switching. Sorry I couldn't be more help
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Not sure about your one girl, but all 4 of mine took to the nipple system in about 10 seconds. [​IMG]

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