one breed, so many different egg colors & sizes? (photos)


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Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
My flock is complicated... My five girls (one silkie, one barred plymouth rock, one RIR/cochin mix and two RIR/barred plymouth rock mixes) are about 6 or 7 months old and will not lay.

So I got 5 other hens from a friend who is selling his flock, they are about 1.5 years old and are excellent layers. I assume they are common Isa Browns, although one is black(?).

Have been getting between 4 and 5 beautiful eggs a day since I got them
Some eggs are BIG and some are smaller, some are dark brown and some are paler brown, some have flecks - love the variety!

Yesterday I got two more girls from the same flock and this morning I got 6 eggs (out of 7 hens I know for sure are laying), one of the eggs was HUGE and one was a pale shade of pink!

Now, I have no idea who is laying what or if one of my "virgin girls" is finally laying, as the eggs are already cold in the nests when I get them in the morning.

What do you think?


I'm bumping this for you, so you can get some input from others.
I have all one breed and get a variety of shapes and colors, with some difference in size.
Other than a few girls that I've seen lay their eggs that have a particular quality to them, i.e., lavender speckles, speckles on one end only, I don't know how to tell who is laying what.
Nope. I still admire every egg I find. One of my girls has been laying some really bizarre eggs since she finished molting and got back to laying. We're always excited to see her in the nestbox, to see what kind of weirdness she's laying now.
oh my gosh how gorgeous! and look at the pile of eggs!
how many girls do you have? LOL!

what is written on the white egg?

That light pink one looks like my Barred Rock girl's.. Their eggs are between the Rhode Island Reds and the Buff Orpingtons..
Oh my gosh I have a barred plymouth rock girl but she's too young to lay, I think?? I got her mid-July and she was about a month old... she looked like this:


She looks like this today:


So could the pink egg possibly be hers? She's still so wild and clumsy and at the very bottom of the flock's ranking...
I think it's a golf ball lol

Mary, I feel as smart and as blind as a golf ball right now. ACK!

*hides under rock of shame*


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