One bully Rouen Hen!!


May 22, 2015
This is my first year ever raising ducks, so I'm really new to it! I have 5 rouens and 6 pekin ducklings, which are almost 5 weeks old now. We have them in a 10x10 coop which is open to a small patch of forest for them to roam and forage in during the day. At night, we lock them up in the coop which has their waterer, feeder and a small 4ft kiddie pool.
As far as i can tell, I have one male rouen and the rest are females, but I just don't know yet about the pekins.
So, onto the problem.
A few nights ago I refilled their pool with clean water, and they absolutely loved it, that is until one particular rouen hen ( I assume as of right now it's a hen) started biting and nipping at the others backs and tails! Even after they swam, it still seemed to peck at them every once and awhile, going as far as pulling some fluff from one of my pekins
! Over the last few days whenever I see it biting, I move it away asap, but of course it freaks out and gets back with the flock. Today though, when i refilled the pool, only the one bully rouen got in it! The others seemed too afraid, and just sat around the edge drinking from the pool. If one falls in accidentally, it makes sure as heck it scurries out asap!
I hate seeing this duck bully the others, and having the ducks swim and play in the water is one of my favorite things, but it just won't happen now!
Any suggestions on how to fix it? or is it possible the duck is a male and just asserting dominance? I'd like to find a solution without having to separate it from the flock for too long, those lost chirps really sound sad

Thank you in advance!


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I found that being able to adjust their environment helped.

Zehn used to poke at everybody. So I set up two swim pans. That fixed the situation. She still would occasionally try to poke at the others, but the rest did not care if she had a swim pan to herself, which she did for a while. Then she seemed to catch on, and started sharing the water.

I also had two food bowls as well.

Since I am really concerned about duck safety, could you please tell us more about your pen or if you have already done so, the link?

Here is my concern - sometimes folks don't realize that predators will climb, dig, fly, or reach through fence to get at ducks.
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