one chick attacked, bleeding

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  1. We just got our 3 week old layers. 10 Red Rocks, 10 RedSussox, and 2 Araucanas. One of the Araucanas was bleeding at her tail feathers and we're pretty sure she's been pecked by the other birds. We've separated her in a cage with food and water, put goldenseal powder on her wound, but kept her in the coop with the other chicks. She and the other girls are all quiet and sleeping at the moment. It is 11:00 PM PST. We'll check them in the morning and likely keep her separated till she heals. Anyone have other advice? Thanks. [​IMG]
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    No, you're doing the right thing as far as I can tell.

    Only thing I can say is you may want to consider the other side of the equation, i.e. keep an eye on the other birds to see if you have one that is the instigator for things like this. Sometimes there is just one chicken who cannot leave the others alone. In that case, chicken stew is tasty, or you could rehome her somewhere that she could be the low bird on the totem pole.

    Good luck and [​IMG]. In a few months, you will be overrun with eggs!

    Edited to add: I guess it would be a very small chicken stew. Maybe potpie would be more realistic. Also, if there is an instigator, turn the tables. Separate her, not the victims & keep her separated out of visual range long enough to lose status (a week...). We have had to do this.
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  3. Thank you very much. Excellent suggestion! We'll watch them. We think we know which one she is. First out of the coop, first to attack bugs, dominant in fights over bugs, and the smallest one![​IMG]

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