One chick is pecking her own vent - help please

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by fiddlebanshee, Sep 23, 2011.

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    One of my Light Brahmas had some manure hanging off her vent but I saw her excrement so she was not pasted up. Since yesterday, however she started pecking at her own vent, the spot is getting bald and pink but is not bleeding yet. Some of the other chicks showed interest in pecking her behind too. What should I do to prevent worse?

    I have some blue-kote spray, should I spray the area for prevention?

    Should I first try and get the left over poo off? I tried yesterday without much success. That stuff is stubborn! What's the best way to clean out stuck poo? My DH suggested dipping and soaking her behind in a dish of water and maybe that is what I should do. A piece of wet paper towel certainly isn't doing the job.

    I want to prevent problems before they happen, so would like to deal with this now before it turns worse. None of the other chicks have signs of pasting up, nor do they display this behavior.
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    Very definitely get the poo off. You can just put it's bottom under some warm water. I do it in the kitchen sink lol with it just running slowly. Just keep soaking it and it'll soften up and wash off. No need for soap.
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    After she's cleaned, a little neosporin, or vaseline, on the pink spot will protect it and help future poos "slide" off the area.
    It's sometimes recommended to put a little neosporin on the vent after pasty butt is cleaned away.

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