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May 20, 2015
All of my chicks are normal except for one. They are about 5.5 weeks old. They are all in the coop/pen.

From day 1, one of my chicks has been a train wreck. She is extremely skittish and scared. I had some of them in an old tub as a brooder and she would always run to the opposite side of the tub when I would come in the room - and continually try to scamper up the tub wall and of course never succeeded. She is a black andalusian.

Now that she's older her feathers still haven't come in nice (she looks ragged) - and in the coop/pen she has made herself into the lowest bird in the pecking order because she is so scared of everything and everyone. She will hang out with the lower ranking chicks, but she still just kind of stands there looking scared all of the time. She's not being brutalized as there is enough space, but she runs away when pecked to the other side of the pen and keeps bumping into the hardware cloth sides.

Can anything be done to ease her fears or calm her down a bit? Should I worry?



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Dec 11, 2009
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Two things indicate your chick has problems, besides her behavior. One is that the others are picking on her. And the other is her ragged appearance.

I'd advise testing to see if she has an eye sight pr hearing problem. Watch her when she goes to eat. Does she hit her target? How does she do when she needs to find a place to sleep? How about water? Try moving the water and feed and see if she can still locate them. Watch how she responds to noise. Use a bell or other noise making device to introduce unusual sounds and watch how she responds.

Yes, you can rehabilitate a skittish chicken. It requires a lot of dedication and consistency and patience. But first, you need to rule out sight and hearing problems.


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Nov 26, 2012
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I agree with everything the above poster said, with the addition that andalusians are known to be flighty/skittish. What other breeds do you have? If the others are docile breeds, you may just notice the severe contrast between the breed personalities.

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