one chick look scraggly/droops wings? (pictures)


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6 Years
Apr 26, 2013
She just doesn't look very well compared to the other chicks, but I've never raised chickens before and she's the only bantam. Is this Normal?

I know they look kind of funny when their feathers start growing in, but Poco seems scraggier than the rest and she droops/drags her wings a little like they don't fold all the way like the other chicks? She's not as playful and I was wondering if she might have some health problems because I think she had pasty butt when we got her which I cleaned and no one at the supply store knew what she was and she was the only "bantam" unlike the other chicks.
BTW if you know what breed she is that would be cool to know too.

*EDIT: I read somewhere that when the feathers are growing in, their wings are heavy with blood so some birds let them droop and they are fine once they're older?

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