One chick much bigger...


Apr 16, 2017
We have three 3 week old silkie chicks. Our black one has always been considerably bigger than our two white ones. It's feet and legs are huge compared to the others. Could this indicate possibly a roo? Or could it really go either way?
I'm no expert but I've raised 2 batches of chicks and each time I've had one much bigger than the others from the get go, and it was not the one that turned out to be the rooster. Just my experience! :confused:
I went out to take a picture but he/she was dust bathing and I couldn't interrupt him/her....I can try to take a picture tomorrow.

After doing some reading, it seems like big chicks often turn out to be female....we will see I guess!
Size really doesn't matter at this point. Chicks grow at their own pace. Some people say large chicks end up male. And some say they end up female. As long as he/she is healthy, then I wouldn't worry as of now.;)

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