One chick still isn't laying.

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    Sep 8, 2016
    I have three chickens, purchased at the same time, all now six months. The Barred Rock and Americauna have been laying for two months nearly everyday. The Golden Wyandotte has never layed. She's never showed any interest in the nesting box. They do free range some everyday, but only when I'm home, and I've never seen her nesting elsewhere either. She's the same size as the others and eating and acting the same, just no eggs. Thoughts?
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    Oct 16, 2015
    Wyandotte production is hit or miss. Some are machines, some are marginal. I wouldn't be too worried, some birds mature slower.

    Are her comb/wattle as red as the other two?

    I have a Delaware that is 6.5 months but she's been runty from about week four on, and she's just getting color in her face.

    Other birds in that brooder were laying before 16 weeks.

    I had an Ancona that was 8 months before she was culled for anger management issues that never laid a single egg.

    There's no set time. Especially with some of the slow maturing breeds, or like the Wyandotte, the hit or miss breeds.
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