one chicken dead a day since Friday.


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Aug 16, 2011
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I noticed Friday around 3ish that there was a hen, New Hampshire Red, acting sickly. She died early Saturday morning, along with a Black Spanish Turkey, and I found another NHR dead Sunday morning, in a nest box, and I have had two leghorns die, one died on the roost and I found her before the sun rose, and another I had to cull because she was obviously not going to make it and was in intense pain of some kind. The only symptoms I have noticed was that in the first and the last one where they seemed to weak to even stand, would not drink or eat, or anything.Bbut the other two seemed very healthy. We love taking care of birds, and all of our birds have been so healthy, this has come our of NO WHERE! We have had lil out breaks here and there of things, but we thought everything was ok. We have been fighting off foxes and raccoon for a while. The five that died were not pets, thank goodness, there are a few favorites out there, but it still is not fun to loose a bird that I did care for, I hate to see things die a pointless death. I do not want to loose my whole flock, I am kind scared about it.
Poop was normal colored as far as I can tell.
We did switch to a new local feed brand, and they stopped laying all together so we switched back to their favorite.
They get lots of treats, but nothing out of the normal that I have not fed them from the time they were chicks. I did throw in a bunch of wild persimmons on before this started happening,and I wondered if they were just from a bad tree?
I just don't know. We feed all organic, and treat all organic, we are breeding for a disease resistant flock, so we know losses will come our way, but blah!!!! Does anyone have any idea/support? I just do not want to find another dead girl out there today!
ALSO! the first one, I carried her around, she pooped out a large white mass of some kind, it was very stinky, and it stuck all over her, I washed her off and she seemed to do better immediately! I have cooked eggs for the girls everyday since the sickness appeared.

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