One Chicken Dead - Breast Down - No External Signs of Injury

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    May 1, 2016
    I had a friend watch our gals for 4 days this week. She said she had no problems.
    Yesterday we moved the ladies to a new grazing area, letting them free-range for the day while we moved them.
    One of the hens did not make it to the coop last night, and I figured she'd be gone come morning - as we have a bit of a coyote problem in our area. But I saw her strutting around the morning, happily still free-ranging.
    I opened up the coop this morning and didn't notice anything off (though still rubbing the grogginess from my eyes at that point).
    I come back less than an hour later to find this 2 year old gal dead, breast down, with no signs of struggle or bites.
    The coop is in good order, no holes anywhere except a slit where a young snake could squeeze through.

    I'm about to go do an autopsy. Is there anything I should look for?
    Any and all help on a diagnosis would be appreciated greatly!

    Circle of life. Just another chance to learn something.



    Here's the link to the autopsy. I hope it's not too offensive at times.
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